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BOSS Resources

Parent Welcome Letter

A Welcome Note From the Founders of Baby Bosses! We are Excited to Work With You!

Neon Sign
Milestone Letter

Within the Program, Parents/Grandparents will be able to Create a Milestone Letter for Their Baby Bosses! Submit Your Milestone Letter Here to save/be delivered on your child's milestone!

Writing Letters
Creating an LLC

This Quick Document Will Walk You Through Creating an LLC in the State of  Wisconsin! This Information Can Be Found On the "How To Start an LLC" Website as Well, at The Following Link!

Accountant Records
Parent Self-Care Resources

As Parents, It is Important that You Have a Plan in Place for Your Own Self Care. Here is a Useful Tool to Help You to Be Your Best Self, in Order to Be Your Best For Your Little Bosses! Follow this link for more resources!

Scented Candles
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