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Baby Bosses is a five-week financial literacy program, for parents and grandparents, with children ages 12 and under. We offer financial literacy courses geared towards entrepreneurship, self-empowerment and how to create and maintain wealth.


All courses are engaging, with class discussions, guest speakers and weekly task, to help you and your Baby Boss set a solid foundation, to begin building generational wealth.


April is financial literacy awareness month and it's time to have some family fun! 

Please join Purpose Driven Sisters and Baby Bosses, LLC, for a fun filled game night that will explore your financial literacy knowledge!  

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Live on Purpose is a 1.5/2 hour workshop where we discuss finding purpose and finding your WHY! How do you find your purpose? How do we train our children to live in their purpose?  


This course is not only engaging, but involves "Purpose Work", that will give you and/or your children a solid foundation to walk and live in that purpose! 


There is no time, like the present to find out why YOU are here!