Parent Reviews

Baby Bosses CEO & Owner, Omorinsola Summers

At Baby Bosses, our parents are critical in the foundation and successes of their Baby Bosses. It is our goal to leave our parents with the tools they need for a firm, strong and solid foundation to begin building wealth for generations to come! Knowing that, our parent's feedback from the program is vital to our continued success in producing Baby Bosses!

Omorinsola Summers, Founder & CEO

If Our Parents Could Describe Baby Bosses in One Word, It Would Be...

  • Inspiring

  • Blessing

  • Informative

  • Impactful

  • Engaging

How Will you keep the Baby Bosses Legacy Alive?

I will keep the conversation alive regarding generational wealth. I personally will assist my grandchildren in establishing multiple streams of income.

-Sylvia Johnson

 I will keep the Baby Bosses legacy alive by encouraging everyone I know to participate.

- Corderro Jackson

I will keep the Baby Bosses legacy alive by continuing to push my children to be great and spread the word about Baby Bosses

-Jeanetta Jackson

I will keep the Baby Bosses legacy alive by continuing to grow in wealthy decision making that will impact the wealth building of my Baby Boss NOW, and by sharing this amazing resource with other parents that I encounter!

-Jasmine Bounds